Indian Hills, Colorado

Indian Hills is a small town (pop. about 1300) in Colorado, about 30 minutes by car from Denver.

In 2013, with time on his hands, Vince Rozmiarek (above), a father of three grown sons, and a volunteer at the Indian Hills Community Center, took over managing the roadside sign for the Center. On April 1, 2013 (of course, April Fool’s Day) he took his sense of humour from home to highway. The result: puns and Dad jokes – usually two a week – that entertain travelers and some 100,000 Facebook followers around the world. His favourite pun? “Cows have hooves because they lactose.”

And for your viewing pleasure, here are just several more of the hundreds that Vince has posted.  The last one is my personal favourite. The Indian Hills puns don’t stop with Mr. Rozmiarek. To take in some of the local color while visiting Indian Hills, just head on down to the Sit N Bull Saloon.