For those of you who may not have heard, Brian passed away unexpectedly August 19th.  He was 74.

We all knew Brian as a kind, generous, and spirited person and many will remember him for his unique sense of humour.   Even more may remember him for his nearly perfect hair.

He was an amazing husband, father, grandfather, and true friend to all who knew him.

It’s impossible to sum up a person’s life in a few paragraphs but there are a few things we know for sure.  He loved his family…and they loved him.  He loved golf…and as many friends can attest, was no slouch.  And, he was creative…something he only re-discovered in the winter of his life, first with stone carvings and sketches, but more recently, the written word.

Which puts us in the proper context.

A couple of years ago Brian wrote a blog post titled “Heaven”, where he delves into what he thought or hoped Heaven might look like.  Bizarre, maybe, but somehow it seems appropriate to share.

“I’m not in a hurry to get to Heaven, and I cannot decide if I want to get there gradually or quickly. When the time comes, and it IS coming, and given the choice, maybe quicker is better, as in just having played 18 holes of golf, shooting my age, followed by a two-hour de-brief, then ramming my convertible into a telephone pole. Done.”

Obviously, he had more sense than to waste a perfectly good Lexus by smashing it to bits, even as a last act, but there is comfort to be found in this post if you care to read on, you can find it here.

The family would like to thank everyone for their kindness and support.

Given the current conditions of the pandemic and the wishes of the family, there will not be a service.